Come Join Us for A Career in Care

 ‘Come join our caring Hive and feel the Buzz’ 

As the Registered Manager for Lavender Support Services, Jane Austin interviews carer, Clare Jolly, who has been with the company since March 2020.

After previously working in various roles within the education sector, Clare wanted a change and hours that better suited her current homelife.  Clare now works covering a 16.00 to 22.00 shift, 3 evenings a week and alternate weekends.  She visits a consistent group of service users for periods ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours and who all live within the Irthlingborough and Finedon areas. Clare is part of a larger team of carers, we call buddies, who also visit the same service users at different times and days throughout the week.

Clare’s service users vary in age from 18 years and above and have a variety of health conditions and care needs, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Cancer.  She also visits those who are elderly and frail and who may need help with personal care, nutrition, medication or require emotional support and help around the home.

When asked why she is a carer, Clare’s passionate response was;

“I just love it, I achieve so much and gain such satisfaction by giving the care that is so much needed.  I feel like I have done my best and have built up friendly and caring relationships with all those I care for.  I leave them feeling good, comfortable, and safe. It is an honour and privilege to be part of another person’s life and family”.

She went on to add; “I get such a BUZZ out of caring for others”

Clare expressed to Jane that, it’s not just about giving personal care to the elderly, it’s about supporting people with different challenges within their day and also helping their families too.

Clare has often proved she goes that extra mile, by taking care of those little, extra special shopping requests and being creative with additional equipment ideas (always in consultation with an OT) to make a person feel as independent as possible.

Jane asked Claire what skills she felt a person needed to care for others.  Claire explained she had drawn on her own life’s experiences of caring for others and that her innate and empathic responses often helped to make a positive difference to someone’s already difficult day.  

Claire also felt that her chatty and friendly personality, along with her ability to be resilient in situations and having a good sense of humour were her key to success.  Claire’s passion for caring shone and she was BUZZing to telling Jane all about it.

When asked Claire if there were any ‘dreads’ to her role, to which she instantly replied ‘None’.  

Claire comes across as having a realistic outlook.  She knows that at times the role will not be easy as you are working with a variety of personalities, but if you feel prepared and are well trained, you can build up solid relationships to feel welcomed and much needed by those you care for.

Jane concluded by asking Claire if both the initial and on-going trainings she receives is sufficient for her role?  Claire replied that it was, and the training is very good.  She was glad that she had initially shadowed alongside a like-minded person who was experienced and knowledgeable within her role as a carer.

So, if you want to feel the BUZZ and the high that Claire and many other carers feel, please contact us at Lavender Support Services.

Written By Jane Austin, Registered Manager & Director. 


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