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A brain injury can turn a persons and their families’ life upside down.  A brain injury can be caused by many different things including medical conditions or trauma (accidents). For some people their lives may be changed forever.

People with a brain injury have a wide range of cognitive, psychological, social and physical needs. Every brain injury is different and never two the same.

For some they can make a complete recovery and lead normal lives.  While others may continue to need some form of support with day to day activities.  As people’s needs often change over time, their care plans need to be specific to meet there needs and flexible enough to change with their recovery. ICCM’s approach:

Lavenders Approach.

Individual support plans and risk assessments tailored to meet a person needs to enable them to live as independently and as safely as possible. 

Lavender will work closely with the client, family members and liaising with other health professionals, OT, Physio, District Nurses and GP.

Our Staff have specialist training in specific needs, e.g. PEG Feeding (Gastric Tube), Moving and Handling.

Lavender will support a person with psychological, behavioural and emotional needs.

Care Plans are reviewed regularly, and update as a person’s support needs change.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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