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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord. It has many symptoms, the most common symptoms are muscle stiffness, spasms, tiredness, eyesight problems, and balance.  There are different types of MS, the most common are known as flare ups of symptoms a relapse followed by recovery remission.  A relapse can last for days, weeks and sometimes months. The symptoms also change daily in their severity. After a few years, MS progresses causing muscle weakness which can lead to poor mobility.  When a patient has fewer relapses, but symptoms are severe the recovery is only partial, leading to increasing disability, swallowing problems and speech problems.

MS suffers need care plans which reflect the individuality of their MS and their needs.  Which gives them support to be able to continue living in their own homes as safely and independently as possible with dignity and quality of life.

Individual support plans and risk assessments tailored to meet a person needs to enable them to live as independently and as safely as possible.

From a 30-minute care visit to 24 hr support.

Carers have specialist training to incorporate specific care needs, e.g. PEG feeding, stoma care, moving and handling

Liaising with other health professional, OT Physio, DN and GP.

Offering support to their immediate family.

Moving and handling 

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